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Creating A More Resilient Grid Means Using Tools That Put People In The Middle

With each passing day, the electric power grid continues the process of morphing into something new we haven’t seen before. This rapid transformation, with hundreds of thousands of assets already massing at the grid edge, will ultimately involve millions of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices. Add that to the enormous level of intermittent renewable assets that have come on line and will in the years to come, and it implies a whole new way of managing our power grids. It will also require new ways of sorting, processing, visualizing and acting on all that data.

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Human beings are sitting in controls rooms and constantly having to make critical decisions. The complexity, has exceeded our capacity for information processing. It really comes down to the question of how do we set people up to handle this new world.

- Michael Legatt, PhD, Founder & CEO ResilientGrid, Inc.

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