ResilientGrid empowers critical infrastructure operations to continually strengthen resiliency and reliability


Resilient Grid develops software solutions and services that put the operator at the center of electric grid operations—increasing performance both day-to-day & during emergencies. The company is dedicated to providing grid operators and managers with the best tools available, grounded in human factors science, to create environments and systems that enable the highest possibility of success.

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2016, ResilientGrid is led by a team of experienced energy professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs. Our team has been in the trenches from the operational side of the utility business. We've been in the control room managing critical infrastructure when multiple threats attack the system, and have built the tool to ensure the lights stay on through it all.



Founder, Chief Executive & Technology

Human Factors Engineering

Co-Founder, Operations

Co-Founder, Partnerships & Marketing




Expert in Human Performance & Critical Infrastructure


Expert in Cyber-systems Architecture & Engineering

Global Sales Expert & Startup Veteran


Emerging Technologies Visionary,
2003 Blackout Report Author

Professor, Author, Energy Visionary