ResilientGrid OS™

SOftware for the electric Utility contRol room

See your entire system in real-time on single screen. Whether it’s the control room video wall or an operator work station, ResilientGrid OS™ is designed to increase operational performance by giving human operators a tool to manage the grid with fewer errors, greater reliability, and with real-time situational awareness.

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Monitors the Entire Grid System from a Single Screen

Allows operators to understand the full grid system in one place.

ResilientGrid OS™ integrates data streams from the growing number of grid systems so that everything can be monitored in a single place.


Enhances Performance for Control Room Operators

Boosts the performance of the most important component of the electric grid—the human operator. The design of ResilientGrid OS™ is based on human factors science and is engineered to directly enhance the operator’s ability to understand the full picture and to respond quickly.


Focused on Operator Safety and on Cyber/Physical Security

Enables control room operators to serve as the “guardian angels” to field workers and customers who count on you to see the big picture. Designed to integrate with key personnel and safety systems, such as device/substation tagging, work orders, equipment tracking and monitoring, and security in a holistic environment.


ResilientGrid OS™ Suite

ResilientGrid Map™

  • Integrates real-time geospatial and schematic one-line views of your network.

  • Displays your full network on the video wall and gives operators direct control from the workstation.

  • Shows multiple data streams such as weather, wildfires, lightning strikes and even electric vehicles, so control room operators can monitor and measure the impact to the system.

ResilientGrid Network Model Validator™

  • Audits and validates your existing network model to ensure continuous integration.

  • Allows for streamlined, process controlled maintenance of your system as it grows. For example: build out of new equipment, migration to DSCADA, and PMUs.

  • Improves the human side of network model maintenance and network model validation through workflow management, build testing and traceability.

ResilientGrid Alarm Management™

  • An alarm management systems that integrates all core system events into ResilientGrid OS. Operators see what’s important, when it’s important.

  • Allows for advanced rule engines and grouping of alarms to reduce alarm fatigue and the risk of cascading alarms overwhelming the operator

  • Emergency management mode which reduces the risks of human error in the most critical situations

ResilientGrid Incident Management™

  • Supports management of the full lifecycle of an incident: from analysis to decisions making support, through implementation and logging.

  • Allows user views and information sharing to be restricted based on user groups.

  • Provides a streamlined and easy to use workflow for compliance reporting.

ResilientGrid Communicator™

  • Provides cyber-secure communications between operators in a single control room and across organizations during declared emergencies.

  • Improves the speed of collaboration across entities and increase the development of a common relevant operational picture (CROP).

  • Reduces the risk of operator distraction in the most critical moments

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