Support for the Most Important Component of the Grid - the Human Operator

Human Factors shape your culture and workflows and can either transform your operation into a High Reliability Organization or contribute to building hidden risks you have yet to identify. Learn how your unique operational and technology set-up are impacting the performance and resiliency of the systems you operate.


Core Offering

Human Factors Assessments


Increasing systems complexity has become the norm for electric utilities, and it’s outpacing human capacity for cognitive processing, management and decision making.

Our human factors engineering team can identify how your current systems and tools impact operator performance, safety and system reliability.

We help you prevent failures from taking place by eliminating opportunities for doing things incorrectly, and by protecting against the consequences when mistakes do happen.


Black Start Training

Black Start Training by ResilientGrid

ResilientGrid OS™ can be used as a simulator to run black start training exercises on your system, in conjunction with a powerflow simulator or standalone. Operators can work with greater speed and precision while restoring the full grid network, partial system outages, or focus on transmission, distribution or market operations.

Increase the speed that your operations team can get their systems back online from black start status, all while increasing safety and reliability. When real incidents occur you’ve already built the habits for optimal performance.

ResilientGrid Black Start Training supports operators in getting the power restored faster, safer, and more reliably than ever.


GridEx Simulation Support

GridEx Simulation Support by ResilientGrid

GridEx is a voluntary cyber security exercise hosted by NERC on a biannual basis.

ResilientGrid OS™ offers an extensive platform for event management, simulation and collaboration during the event.  

Our solutions can help your organization participate either actively or as an observer.


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