Careers in Electric Grid Innovation

ResilientGrid OS is software built to support control room operators and electric grid systems. As a fast growing company, we’re always looking for talented teammates to join us. So whether you’re an expert in power grid engineering, SCADA data, or enterprise sales, if you're interested in making the electric grid operate better than ever, we’d love to hear from you.

A solution built for electric utility control rooms

ResilientGrid OS is a software solution able to deliver situational awareness in a software management system. ResilientGrid OS integrates and visually renders large real-time data sets for electric grid operators. Our approach is grounded in human factors science and countless hours working to make transmission, distribution and market operation centers more resilient, efficient and less prone to making critical errors.

An innovative company that’s growing fast

ResilientGrid won Austin Energy’s “Most Innovative Startup” Award for 2018 and Capital Factory’s “Smart Cities Challenge 2018” investment competition. We are a member of ATI’s Clean Energy Incubator, the Capital Factory Accelerator as well as a “graduate” of the Ameren Accelerator for power industry technologies.

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