Michael E. Legatt, Ph.D., CPT

Michael E. Legatt, Ph.D., CPT

CEO and Founder

Dr. Michael E. Legatt is the CEO and founder of ResilientGrid, Inc., whose mission is to grow resilient infrastructures by optimizing the human side of the infrastructure management. Dr. Legatt has been a programmer for over 20 years, and worked in the energy, financial, medical, neuroscience research and educational sectors. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology/Neuropsychology, a Ph.D. in Energy Systems Engineering, and is a Certified Performance Technologist.

As an amateur (ham) radio operator, he received a commendation for providing emergency communications during the 2003 blackout in the northeastern United States, which sparked his interest in the psychology of critical infrastructure management. He works to build systems designed to provide operators with needed information, optimizing for perception, speed, comprehension, and stress management. He also works at the organizational level to support the growth of high reliability organizational culture in critical infrastructure.

Prior to founding ResilientGrid, Dr. Legatt spent ten years as the principal human factors engineer for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), where his development of the Macomber Map® has been helping ERCOT operators for over ten years, and Southwest Power Pool operators for over three years, to maintain situational awareness in a variety of grid conditions, in training, simulations, and real-time operations, including region's top records of wind integration (62% SPP, 54% ERCOT).

Dr. Legatt also works in several other areas of organizational resiliency, including organizational culture, collaboration in emergency situations, and the role of creativity and anticipatory resiliency/antifragility in reducing organizational costs and risks. He has built the roadmaps for, and facilitated several organizations' transformations towards improved organizational culture. Michael has presented at several industry and government events around the roles of organizational culture and the needs to focus on human-computer interaction within complex sociotechnical systems, and has contributed to several articles, research projects, and books on the subject.

Dr. Legatt also works on the behavioral aspects of end-user electric use, researching electric vehicle to grid integration, behavioral aspects of conservation and consumer awareness in grid management, and the cybersecurity, behavioral, and reliability issues that arise with integration of new technologies across layers of the grid. He was the principal investigator on a collaborative research project between ERCOT, University of Texas at Austin, EV-TEC and Pecan Street Project, studying the integration of electric vehicle charging and driver behavioral patterns with the bulk electric system. This research project studied the viability of EVs to intelligently charge in a distributed fashion and provide ancillary services, enhancing grid stability and resiliency.

Macomber Map is a registered trademark of Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc.